Heavy Industrial Labelling range (Temperatures up to +500°C.)


Identification solutions for raw material processors.

Applying tracking information onto raw materials such as metals, timber, stones and other building materials can be done in many ways – including the use of hanging tags and adhesive labels. Some materials can be hot at the point when they need to be labelled, while others can be rough, dusty or oily. Conventional solutions include handwriting, riveting or welding plates onto parts.

Heavy Industrial Labelling range

allows label converters to offer a highly effective alternative
labelling solution. It ensures traceability throughout the
manufacturing process. Materials for conversion into both
hanging tags and adhesive labels are available, covering
different temperature ranges. Topcoated aluminium films,
fe aturing high abrasion and solvent resistance for thermal
transfer print, can used be at temperatures up to +500°C.

> Productive labelling technology for raw
material processors
> Performs in extreme conditions
> Bar codes can be applied very soon in the value chain
> Eliminates manual marking of parts, automating
> Tracks and traces inventory from initial manufacture to
final delivery
> Helps reduce material reworking costs
> Complete portfolio covering a wide range of applications

> Metal processing
> Building material industry
> Timber industry
> Manufacturing

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